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Winter Health Education

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Winter Health Education

Diabetes Mellitus

by Chinwendu Achebe

Lung Cancer

by Hindira Garcia


by Nicholas Georgiades

Antibiotic Awareness

by Michelle Pham

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Reader, I just wanted to send you a friendly reminder that you’re invited to our annual Fall Festival Tomorrow, Sunday November 5th at Cherry Hill Free Clinic from 12-4pm. If you’re able to join us, there’ll be free fun and food. Bring the kids for games and crafts. Our neighbors, Five Star Swim School, will be hosting a free swim session. When you're here, take advantage of on-site vaccinations (including COVID and flu) and wellness tips. Our Community Health Worker team will be standing by...

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gray stones

Wellness Classes by Hindira Garcia CHFC is all about giving you great care free of charge! Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. We now present wellness classes for our patients. From health and nutrition coaching to dealing with trauma, meditation, and healing energy! Again, completely free at Cherry Hill Free Clinic. These classes will be held by Iram Ahmedi. Let the clinic be a safe space for you and your needs. Keep an eye out for dates in January and February....

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The CDC and YOU by Chinwendu Achebe Are you staying up to date about infectious disease and prevention? Are you confused about the purpose of the CDC? Well, you have come to the right place! Here we will explain the purpose of the CDC and why we have a whole government agency put in place to update the public on public health matters! The CDC stands for “Communicable Disease Center”. On July 1st, 1946, the CDC was founded on the basis that it would do continuous research to prevent malaria,...

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